La Machina is a small software and mobile game development company founded by two women with a passion for both technology and art. With a focus in productivity apps and games, La Machina aims to use technology and design to help people live happier, well-balanced lives.

The identity consists of a logo with custom typography and a branding system inspired by paintings from historical art movements such as minimalism, abstract expressionism, and constructivism. The branding system is applied to all internal brand applications as well as extended to La Machina’s apps and games.

JOUR is a simple productivity app that connects your to-do list with scheduled events in your calander, allowing you to easily plan your day to be as productive as possible.

THREEE is a fun, pattern-recognition mobile game inspired by the 90’s card game, Set. As shapes move across the screen, identify as many sets as you can based on shape, color, and fill before the timer runs out! Players can also view personal stats, compete with friends, and share high scores on social media.